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Writing Takes Too Looonnnnggg!

My last post, which was my first post, introduced the idea that writing is losing its place as a form of communication due to society's dependence on technology. The world moves at a much faster pace than it did even 20 years ago. Information should be disseminated at the same pace, right?

Well...yes, and no. Think of writing as a means of sharing an important message. Doing it effectively involves thought processes related to logic, rationale, and sometimes emotions. The process of writing is the perfect medium for expressing what needs to be shared because it affords one the time necessary to think through the message, particularly, those containing highly-charged subject matter which frequently involve a lot of passion and emotion. Writing allows one to inhale and to exhale; to think deeply; to properly frame the thoughts and intents and give the perfect voice to the message before its public release. It's a beautiful thing that requires conscious effort to fully appreciate.

Does writing take too long? It depends on the desired result. Is it better to rush through a message and risk the possibility of being misunderstood, misspellings (oh no!), knee-jerk reactions with insufficient information on which to base one's reaction? If these are minor issues then, yes, writing may seem to be laborious. However, if one's expression is rooted in the desire to send the right response at the right time with the right words, then taking a little longer to apply care and craft to one's message is worth the investment of time to do so.

Of course, this same mindset can be applied to an email, and, on occasion a text. I certainly am not advocating that actually handwriting a message will re-take a primary position in our high-stake electronic world. I'm just making a case for spending the necessary time required for a rational, logical communication.

So, the next time you want to share a thought or an idea, or let the world know what you're feeling, go ahead...sit down at your desk or table; pull out a piece of paper and a pen; think, plan, and form an idea. And write.

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